Our Adult Formation experience is composed of four different groups.; Adult Education for Ministry (EfM), Men's Group, Women's Study Group and our Contemplative Prayer group. Each is unique in providing a place to connect, explore, learn and worship. 

Adult Education for Ministry: During our year in Education for Ministry we read the book “The Dream of God” by Verna Dozier.  A quote from that book [my own words] sums up what the EFM program is about: “How can we make sense out of the Bible?  It is not easy, and we can never do it [alone] or by reading any part of it out of context of the whole story.  I believe, however, that making sense of the Bible is essential to the religious enterprise [and life experiences] in which we are all engaged.” This year’s Education for Ministry sessions will be completed at the end of May.  It has been a fascinating, fun, and fruitful year for the 19 participants as we became close community of seekers. We look forward to continuing together in the Fall.  George Speidel and Pauline Dawson will be the mentors when Edna Marie and Bill retire and move back to North Carolina.  All three will be attending EFM Mentor Training at the end of this month so George and Pauline will be fully trained and certified to take over this role.  The 2018-2019 EFM Group will meet on Wed. nights (no day group this coming year) beginning in September.  Those interested in beginning EFM with Year One, The Hebrew Scriptures (Old Testament) are encouraged to make yourselves known to us.  Registrations for the coming year are due at Sewanee in July.  For more information on this transformative process of adult education please go to or ask one of the current participants. 

Men's Group "Knights of Panera" : Saturday mornings at 07:30 , Men's Group, also known as, "The Knights of Panera" at the Panera Bread on Highway 35 in Middletown, to discuss spiritual and religious topics. This group is working through "The Pilgrim Road" by Albert Holtz, O.S.B. All are welcome to join; whether or not you are a member of Christ Church! 

Women's Study GroupEvery Tuesday morning at 10:30 women of Christ Church come together in the library to read, reflect, pray and share fellowship. During Lent we read Pilgrim Way by Albert Holtz OSB and we are currently reading The Twenty Third Psalm by Rabbi Kushner. We share our joys and fears as we learn how to serve God and our neighbor. We are a friendly group and always welcome newcomers.     

Contemplative PrayerOur Contemplative Prayer group meets Tuesdays at 9:30 in the Christ Church library. In the silence of prayer, you will experience a deepening sense of God's love. All you need to offer is a willing heart. Would love to have you join us!