Are you the priest god has in store for us?

Please join us in prayer

as we work together to discern God's call.

O gracious God, you know our unique needs as we begin this journey to recognize and select our new Priest-in Charge. We ask Your Holy Spirit for guidance, insight, and direction as we prayerfully draw to our midst the leader you would choose for us. Grant us continued confidence in our choices and strength to embrace the changes. Give to us the ability to respect, with love and compassion, whatever differences of opinion, thought, and ideas we may have with each other. We pray that You give us a renewed spirit of devotion to this purpose. Let nothing be lost of the faithful work of the past. Help us to listen anew to You and each other so that we may discern the direction you would have us go. Help us to create a new, shared vision and guide our steps with your heavenly compass, that we may accomplish our task inspired by imagination and not memory. Finally, we ask Your blessing upon the Christ Church family, even as we continue to pray for the priest, known only to You, who is on the way to us. All this we ask in Jesus’s name, who lives and reigns with You and the Holy Spirit, forever and ever. Amen. 


Multiple Rite II worship options: Saturday 5:30PM (at times contemporary/Taize), Sunday: 8AM music-free; 10AM traditional music with choir, bells & organ. Parishioners of all ages! We care for each other. Our signature coffee hour incorporates newcomers. We are ministry-oriented: faith becomes action as we share our talents with loving service. One campus with two beautiful church buildings, recently updated facilities. Our 316-year history gives us confidence that God is not done with us yet.



Like many churches, membership is down from 10 years ago. Over the past three years, we have seen growth in young families and we continue increasing membership. Our financial situation is much improved, but still needs attention. Our parish ministries have been stable for quite some time. We recently improved our physical plant and wonder how best to use it. We welcome a new priest’s help in perceiving where we are being called as we acknowledge “To whom much is given, much is required.”



We value engaging, thought-provoking preaching, and quality Christian Education, for children, youth and adults. Priest, wardens, vestry and parish work collaboratively.  Vestry members each manage a ministry portfolio. We enjoy many yearly fellowship events, and care for each other and for our neighbors in need. We seek a pastor who will walk with us, encourage us, challenge us, and care for us.


  • collaborative visionary
  • embracing / compassionate
  • thoughtful communicator
  • energetic / accessible