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Father Michael's Reflection for e

The season of hope is now upon us. Alleluia!

Although, in order to arrive here, we first had to make that slow, painful journey through Holy Week. But if we have fully embraced the tragedy of Good Friday and the events that led to Christ’s passion, we are prepared to feel the ecstasy of his Resurrection - his victory over death, and all the “victories” that come with it: victory over hate, over human infidelity, over human selfishness and over human cruelty.

Christ’s passion may have shown us the worst of humanity; but his Resurrection shows us that there is another way, one that promises hope and affirms the essential goodness of humanity. As Joan Chittister writes “The real lesson of Resurrection may be its strangest, strongest one. When Jesus died, hope died. The apostles grieved the death of Jesus. The public was scandalized. The synagogue said goodbye to a troublemaker. The entire enterprise collapsed. But in the end, out of apparent failure, came new life stronger than it had ever been before. And so, too, for us.”

When one phase of life ends, a new one arises, one that affirms the goodness that God imparted to us in our creation, one that is full of hope, one that is full of love. This is why we can call ourselves a Resurrection people, an Easter people; because in Christ’s victory over death, we have all been liberated to live our lives in the fullness of God’s love, hope and mercy.

What next? Well, now, as Easter people, we are compelled to take that love and spread it throughout the world, extending to our neighbors that same love, that same hope and that same mercy. So, let us live Easter every day - in our hearts and in our actions. Let us live as Christ showed us how to live by seeing God in everyone, loving our neighbors as ourselves, seeking justice and peace and respecting the dignity of every human being. Happy Easter!

Fr. Michael+



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