Our Vestry


    warden for ministry support

    Responsibilities include Parish Life Hospitality and Activities, Outreach, and Christian Formation. 

  • Betty Truscott

    warden for growth & development

    The Warden for Growth and Development oversees Building and Grounds, Worship, Finance and Administration, Stewardship, and Communications portfolios.

  • Drew Wilson

    finance & administration

    The vestry person for Finance and Administration is responsible for the planning and review of financial issues relating to Christ Church accounts, pledges, and fund raising.  Chair of the finance committee, overseeing the budget, cash flow, and financial audit. Review use of technology to receive pledges and donations.

  • Kate Chaballa


    The vestry person for Worship oversees the various aspects of lay participation in our worship services: Acolytes, Altar Guild, Lectors and Intercessors, and Ushers. 



    I am eager to serve as the connection between our church and the digital community. Follow us on circlefacebookto see our church’s many ministries, events and outreach activities.  As always, any suggestions, corrections, comments and/or questions are welcome!


    buildings & grounds

    The vestry member for Buildings and Grounds ensures that our Church property is cared for, maintained, repaired and renovated when necessary.

  • Robyn Gerin

    Christian formation

    The vestry person for Christian Formation oversees programs for Church School, Youth, and Continuing Education for Adults.

  • Tia LaPiana


    The vestry person for Stewardship works with the Pledge Treasurer for long range planning, planned giving, and fundraising.

  • Erna Sottile


    The mission of Christ Church Outreach ministries is to serve Christ through serving others in need.  The Vestry member for Outreach chairs the Outreach Committee, overseeing all Outreach ministries, activities, fundraising and finances.  Find out more about Christ Church Outreach.


  • Lauren Badal

    parish life activities

    Responsibilities include overseeing Coffee Hour hosts, the parish picnic, and the Church kitchen, focusing on community building, and developing parish leaders.

  • Vickie Schmelzer

    parish life hospitality

    Responsibilities include overseeing Coffee Hour hosts, and the Church kitchen, focusing on membership issues, newcomer events, and developing parish leaders.

  • Pauline Dawson

    vestry recorder

    The vestry Recorder composes and retains the minutes for all vestry meetings.

  • John Bailey


    The Treasurer provides the Vestry with a summary of revenues collected and expenses incurred and paid monthly. That detailed information is provided by the Church bookkeeper, and is condensed and presented to the Vestry by the Treasurer. It is the Treasurer's responsibility to explain any variances from the budget prepared annually by the Director of Finance and Administration and approved by the Vestry.