Lenten alms during a crisis

As we reach out to our congregation during this unprecedented time, we want to remind each  other that our social distancing has brought about an extraordinary global solidarity. An awareness of our shared interests and sympathies that tie all people around the world together as one. We need each other now more than ever. And not only through respecting our social distancing as a way to love our neighbors, but also as a way to think beyond ourselves and to let go of our own personal worries. We hope that you are able to use this time and space to be kind, gentle and patient with yourselves while finding ways to continue to serve others around the world. And with that, our Lenten Almsgiving campaign continues. 

We collected an additional $1000 at our last church service, adding a water buffalo, a goat, a llama,  chickens, trees and bees to our Ark. Please make checks payable to Christ Church with Lenten Alms on the memo line and mail them to Christ Church at 90 Kings Highway, Middletown NJ 07748. 

Again, whether you choose to support others through our Lenten Almsgiving campaign or via  other means, serving each other for the greater good will continue to sustain us as we move forward together in solidarity.   -Robyn Gerin

Let's fill the ark again!

One Gift Ark ($5000) includes pairs of animals and so much more. It provides an entire community with such things as milk, eggs, honey, and wool to boost both nutrition and income. Help us provide this life-changing gift to a community in need around the world.   

Lenten Alms 2020

We will collect money weekly and give a status report each week on our ark gift.  Envelopes will be provided for your use; cash or checks are gratefully accepted, checks made payable to Christ Church with "Lenten Alms" in the memo line.  Click on the image for more information.

  • $500 One Cow ($50 Share)
  • $250 One Water Buffalo ($25 Share)
  • $150 One Llama ($20 Share)
  • $120 One Goat ($10 Share)
  • $120 One Sheep ($10 Share)
  • $120 One Pig (Share $10)
  • $60 Trio of Rabbits (Share $10)
  • $60 Tree Saplings (Share $10)
  • $30 One Bee Hive
  • $20 Flock of Chickens

lenten rule of life

Lent is the season of the church year when we as Christians compare how we love God and others with the love of Christ. It is a time to reflect on how we live our lives in the light of our Baptismal Covenant. We practice “Christ-like love” through prayer, study, fasting and Almsgiving.    

  • Pray for those who will receive the gift of an animal through our Ark at meals and at bedtime. Study and then reflect on the Baptismal Covenant. Learn about the needs of the poor around the world. 
  • Study and then reflect on the Baptismal Covenant. Learn about the needs of the poor around the world.
  • Fasting & feasting – Fast on going to the movies, TV time, meals outside the home & buying things you don't need. Feast instead on time to eat simply, take a walk, pray, read, study.
  • Almsgiving – Set aside the money you have saved through your fast to fill the Ark. Children can follow the Lenten calendar and save their money in the Heifer mite boxes.