Gospel Reflection

Weekly Gospel Reflection

May  9, 2021

“You are my friends,” Jesus says to the disciples, “if you do as I command you.”  In other words, when you follow my commandment, you are showing your love for me.  And what is that commandment?  The Gospel today couldn’t be clearer: “This is my commandment”, Jesus says, “to love one another as I have loved you.”

On the eve of his death, Jesus wanted to convey to his disciples that his ministry served as a model for how they were to treat each other after he was gone.  And as with all of his teachings, the message that he gave to this small group is meant to serve a much wider audience as well.  So, what he says to the disciples is, by extension, for all of us.  We are called to love one another as he has loved us. 

This is a tremendous affirmation of the human potential for goodness; because Jesus is telling us that we can be like him - we can love as he loves!  And so, we are called to put this love into action.  Jesus was not passive in demonstrating his love for others. He lived a human life of love, he sacrificed for others, he welcomed all, especially those who seemed to be the most troubled in the society of his day: the poor, the marginal, the unloved, the powerless, the ignored and despised.  But he loved all and welcomed all – including those whom society seemed to favor – remember the story of the rich young man, or the story of the powerful Centurion? Jesus loved them too.  So, while the poor and downtrodden were special beneficiaries of his ministry, his love knew no boundaries, no limits.  And he wants us to be motivated by the same boundless love.




Fr. Michael