Calico Gift Action 2022

The 2nd Calico Gift Auction will be held on Saturday November 12th 2022 at St. Leo's Community Center in Lincroft.

Thanks to all your wonderful support, in many ways, the initial Calico Auction in 2019 was a fun and successful event; after a bit of a delay due to Covid, the plan is that the 2022 auction will just as much fun, just bigger. 

This page has information on the event and ways for you to get involved

Any questions, reach out to the

MARIA KERFOOT                  732-859-2525

CAROL NEGRON                   732-896-5155

CATHY O’FLYNN                    908-461-1131

RONNIE WARREN                 732-865-3332


auction sponsors

Reach out to the vendors you use and ask for a donation of products or services.

In 2019, we listed over 40 local business sponsors that supported our first gift auction. This year, we’ll print a booklet ‘advertising’ those companies that support the auction.

We’ve uploaded an extensive list of local businesses (in alphabetical order). Here is link to select those businesses you plan to approach.

While there is a full Sponsor package available at church; here is an information sheet  HOW_TO_APPROACH_A_SPONSOR.pdf providing helpful details about how sponsorship works and what the business gets in return.

Save the Date

Save the date

Tell your friends, family, co-workers and other interested parties

Tickets will be available towards the end of the Summer