Our Vestry



    The wardens work as lay partners with the Rector or Priest-in-Charge, often meeting weekly to discuss the concerns of the Parish and provide Vestry leadership.  

  • Betty Truscott


    Additionally, the wardens are responsible, in partnership with the Rector or Priest-in-Charge, for managing day-to-day operations and identifying and nurturing leaders.  With the Vestry, they act as liaisons between church leadership and the congregation and for the careful stewardship of all church property.



    The Vestry person for Communications is responsible for communication internally to the Parish and externally to our local community using traditional media as well as digital platforms.  Manages publication of, for example, directories and newsletters; leads live streaming of services; and handles publicity for church events. Follow us on circlefacebook to see our church’s many ministries, events and outreach activities.

  • john bailey

    Christian formation

    The Vestry person for Christian Formation oversees programs for Church School, Youth, and Continuing Education for Adults.



    The Vestry person for Stewardship works with the Pledge Treasurer for long range planning, planned giving and fundraising.

  • Cynthia McCormack


    The Outreach Committee Vestry person oversees all Outreach ministries, activities, fundraising and finances.  Find out more about Christ Church Outreach.


  • open position

    parish life

    The Parish Life Vestry person, with the help of various sub committees, develops and manages community events, many of which are long-held traditions. The Chair also provides leadership in exploring new ways to engage within our own congregation and in the communities where we live.



    The Vestry person for Membership develops strategies to identify potential sources of new members. The Membership chair partners with other portfolio liaisons to attract new members and make them feel welcome at Christ Church.

  • Steve grieshaber

    Buildings and Grounds

    The Buildings and Grounds Vestry person works with teams responsible for IT, outdoor and indoor maintenance and repair.  The Chair is also responsible for monitoring expenses for our properties, contracting with outside contractors as needed and directing repairs that can be managed by the Sexton or skilled volunteers.

  • Cathy O'Flynn


    The Finance Vestry person is responsible for the monitoring and control of the financial affairs of the Church and reporting to the full Vestry for decision making and commitment to any required actions plans.  The Chair works closely with the Treasurer, recommends financial policies to the full Vestry and heads the Finance Committee.

  • Theresa Tuttle


    The Inreach Vestry person is responsible for developing programs designed to care for our congregation.  These programs may include practical hands-on assistance for individuals and other programs to address specific needs..

  • open position

    vestry recorder

    The Vestry Recorder composes and retains the minutes for all Vestry meetings. (Photo by Clark Young Unsplash)

  • Stephen Kruft


    The Treasurer is responsible for bank reconciliation, payroll, budgeting and the preparation of financial reports presented at monthly Vestry meetings. The Treasurer may also be asked for additional reports by the Vestry or other organizational bodies.  The Treasurer is not a voting member of the Vestry.