Stewardship season 2021-22

Father Michael's letter to the parish

Stewardship in all Seasons

Dear Christ Church family,

In our ever-changing world, we long for some things to remain stable and consistent. The presence of Christ Episcopal Church along Kings Highway has served to comfort parishioners for well over three centuries. Happily, this has not changed, despite the uncertain times in which we currently find ourselves, because our church stands as a vital reminder of God’s presence in our lives. We find comfort in this stability and consistency, especially now when our hold on life as we have known it may seem somewhat tenuous.  You need only to reflect upon your own experiences over the past 18 months to see that there is much in life that has suddenly become uncertain, but not so our church! Christ Church endures, even thrives, despite the chaos surrounding us, so we can count on its continued presence in our lives.  For this we are truly grateful.

As we move from Summer into Autumn, we begin to look closely at how we can express our gratitude through our stewardship.  Christ Church’s position as a bastion of love, a haven of peace, a safe place for spiritual enrichment and a launchpad for God’s mission cannot be taken for granted.  To serve these roles, the church’s financial health is essential; and the autumn is when we take this into account.

One of the ways that we show our gratitude is by pledging our financial support of the church. Our annual stewardship campaign is the opportunity we have once a year to ensure that the financial health of the parish will enable us to continue to be Christ’s body in the world. 

It is my hope that you will join me in being generous to God and God’s mission in the world by being generous to God’s church.  If this spirit of gratitude inspires our giving, I’ve no doubt that every individual and every family will undergo meaningful, thoughtful and prayerful discernment in determining what their annual contribution to Christ Church should be; and that these contributions will result in the church’s strong financial health.

In peace and gratitude,



The Rev. Michael Way


stewardship FAQ

  • What is Stewardship? 

What is a pledge?

What if I encounter financial hardship and have to change my pledge? 

Please click here for the answer to frequently asked questions about Stewardship.  

Attached please find a printer friendly pledge card. Copies are also available at the services or can be sent to you by calling the office. 2022_Pledge_Card

What does Christ Church Mean to you?

At the 10 am service on November 14 we had several of our youth speak eloquently about what Christ Church means to them. Grace and Andrew spoke about their spiritual journey through the years and their experience being members of our most recent Conformation class. Cindy McCormack, their youth group leader, former Vestry member and long time parishioner also spoke about what a close knit and generous community we are.