Stewardship season 2023-2024


Dear Christ Church Family,

As Summer moves into Autumn, it is time again to think about stewardship. Our theme, Growing Together in Community, underscores our greatest strength as a parish community and speaks to our aspirations for the days and years to come.

For more than three hundred years Christ Church has been an active part of this community and parish home for many. As we launch our 2024 stewardship campaign, I am proud of that heritage and committed to continuing that tradition. As you walk the grounds, you can see the work of loving hands and hearts. In 2023, thanks to donations to a separate Capital Fund, Air Conditioning was installed in the Main church in time for summer worship plus repairs to the Historic Church tower and creation of an apartment for use by a Priest were completed. Within our walls, the transportation service and monthly Ladies luncheons are testament to our care for one another.  We share this space with the Holy Trinity Orthodox Church and several local recovery groups and even a bonsai community. Our worship is graced with dedicated clergy and wonderful music.  We are starting the 2023 - 2024 Sunday School program year with a full complement of teachers, the first time since Covid.

We are indeed blessed. These activities hold us together and reflect a commitment to our faith and compassion. But, as we all understand, another essential ingredient for our mission here on Kings Highway is financial and, to continue our work, we need to plan for 2024 both spiritually and financially.  This has already begun as the Vestry and Financial Team look forward to the new year.

A  financial snapshot that includes a projection for 2024 is available. There are two key takeaways – the first is the importance of your pledge and the second is that much of our expenses are static. 

Thanks to all who have pledged in the past. If you haven’t pledged before, please consider pledging this year. A Stewardship Q&A session will be hosted by myself and Cathy O’Flynn (Finance Portfolio Owner) to answer questions about the Financials and general pledge process in early October. If there are confidential questions, please reach out to me and I will be happy to schedule a private session as needed.

Please bring the enclosed pledge card to church on Sunday November 12. If you would prefer to send in your pledge ahead of time, please use the enclosed envelope. A special celebration is being planned after the 10am service on the 12th and I hope you will be able to join us.

We give gratitude and thanks for all God has given us.



Rita Grootenboer



stewardship FAQ

  • What is Stewardship? 

What is a pledge?

What if I encounter financial hardship and have to change my pledge? 

Please click here for the answer to frequently asked questions about Stewardship.  

Attached please find a printer friendly pledge card. Copies are also available at the services or can be sent to you by calling the office. doc01812820231117120222.pdf

What does Christ Church Mean to you?

At the 10 am service on November 14 we had several of our youth speak eloquently about what Christ Church means to them. Grace and Andrew spoke about their spiritual journey through the years and their experience being members of our most recent Conformation class. Cindy McCormack, their youth group leader, former Vestry member and long time parishioner also spoke about what a close knit and generous community we are.